You’ve Been E-Styled: Sophie

Name: Sophie

Budget: £100

Total Spend: £82.99

Occassion: Work



Top: River Island £30


Trousers: New Look £22.99

Shoes: Pretty Little Thing £30


This outfit consists of only black and white; firstly, this is because each piece can be easily incorporated into other outfits and secondly, this outfit can be worn again but transformed into something new by just adding a jacket or accessories.

Despite the outfit maintaining a simple shirt and trouser look, the details are what make it different. The white shirt has frill detailing, creating a smart and feminine look. I personally like how the frills are on the sleeves, almost as if the shirt is trying to mix Western with Victorian.

With the trousers, there’s so much going on: the cropped length, the wide legs and the white stitching near the borders. However, although sounding like a strange mix, they all really work well together. When the white shirt is tucked in, it will accompany the white stitching nicely, as well as leaving the D ring belt on main display. Now, although you could wear the shirt untucked, I prefer it tucked in as it looks neater and the shape it creates from the waist downwards is very appealing.

To finish the look, I chose a wide heel so it will be easier to walk in as well as eye-catching. I always find that with wide trousers they look best with heels; you will have a better posture so the trousers will flow more nicely. Also, if you’re conscious about wearing cropped trousers, a high top heel works well in minimizing the gap in between.

Happy E-Style!


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