You’ve Been E-Styled: G

Name: G

Budget: £60

Total Spend: £60

Occassion: Birthday



Top: Pretty Little Thing £10.00

Leggings: River Island £25.00

Jacket: Boohoo £25.00

This outfit is your typical 90s mixed with a bit of grunge; it’s what I like to call ‘the reversed jeans and flannel look’.

Rather than a check shirt, you’ve got the grunge aspect from the trousers, which allows the denim jacket to become the centrepiece in this look, ultimately keeping you balanced between styles.

The bardot top and leggings are very flattering and will do justice for your figure (just think Sandy in Grease). The tight clothes also work favours in dressing up the oversized denim jacket.

When adding shoes, it is important you know which direction you want to take the outfit. Adding some black ankle boots will make the outfit grungier, however adding trainers will make the look more laid back and casual. Want to bring the outfit into the night? Add something with heels – it’s more versatile than you think.

To top this look, put your hair up in a ponytail, and also add a plain black choker and some hoops – they will look so good with with open shoulders, and will keep it very 90s.

Overall, this is an outfit that will transform your style.

Happy E-Style!


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