Dame Vivienne Westwood Begins London Fashion Week With Fracking Protest


Dame Vivienne Westwood stands proudly with models and activists against INEOS for #talkfracking, London. 15.02.18

I was invited to Dame Vivienne Westwood’s anti-fracking catwalk by Ki Price and Emma Fulton, co-creators of Emulsion London, a disruptive visual content agency.

Emulsion London are pros when it comes to photographing Westwood as they work directly with the fashion designer for portraits and activism photographs, which includes the #talkfracking project.

After working with Price recently on celebrity shoots, I got the opportunity to be a part of helping Emulsion London capture Westwood battling INEOS in a pop-up catwalk right outside their head office.



INEOS are a fracking company who has a bad reputation with environmental pollution as well as protestors.

Westwood was beside her son, Joe Corré, who will be taking INEOS to the Court of Appeal for obtaining an injunction that prohibits protests against their fracking activities.

Westwood and Corré clearly ignored their injunction and along with fellow models and activists, peacefully protested in the style of a catwalk, as well as telling the company “frack off”.



All those involved were wearing Westwood’s new INEOS injunction line, including t-shirts and dresses, which were simple, black and white, and had a clever message imprinted on them: ‘FRACKING CLIMATE CHAOS INEOS.’


Model Chloe Jasmine, protesting against INEOS with Dame Vivienne Westwood and Joe Corré, London. 15.02.18


Corré said at the catwalk: “People respect the law because people expect it’s there to protect them.

“If the law is able to be bought by corporations, if they’re able to game the system to turn the law against us, then people will no longer respect the law.”


Protesters standing outside INEOS’ head office, London. 15.02.18


Dame Vivienne Westwood and son Joe Corré stand alongside models and activists to protest against INEOS, London. 15.02.18


When the catwalk finished, Price got ready for stage two of his work: editing the photos.

We sat opposite Westwood as Price began straight away so he could upload them to Getty Images for press use.


Ki Price editing photos of the anti-fracking catwalk opposite Vivienne Westwood, London. 15.02.18


The finished photographs taken by Price can be now seen in newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph, as shown below.

Once again, Emulsion London has captured Westwood at her best, aligning with protestors once more, and using London Fashion Week to gain publicity for an issue that many are not aware of.

I look forward to seeing what happens next for #talkfracking, which Emulsion London will be covering.

Ki Price’s photograph used in The Daily Telegraph.


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