Day 1 of London Fashion Week with Emulsion London

Emulsion London are back at London Fashion Week to get the best coverage of what designers have to offer for Autumn/Winter 2018.

I got to see Ki Price, co-creator and photographer of Emulsion London, do what he does best and get those desired photographs of the new collections from Fyodor Golan and Bora Asku.

Not only were the models looking exceptional in the new designs but Price sure entered in style too, wearing his Vivienne Westwood suit and INEOS injunction t-shirt.

He shows off his style in the best way possible: sitting on the same throne Lady Gaga posed on for a Hello Kitty shoot.

Ki Price on the throne Lady Gaga posed on for a Hello Kitty shoot in 2009, London. 16.02.18 (Photo by Vin and Omi)

Emulsion London have got the pictures and below you can see the designs from Friday’s major shows.

Bora Asku:

Models show off the Bora Asku collection at the Autumn/Winter 2018 show in London, 16.02.18 (Photo by Ki Price/ Emulsion London/ Getty Images)

Close up of Bora Asku’s designs at the Autumn/Winter 2018 show in London, 16.02.18 (Photo by Ki Price/ Emulsion London/ Getty Images)

London-based Turkish designer Bora Asku delivers a collection of feminine meets masculine attire.

We saw white, frilly dresses with sheer panels and Victoriana-like collars, contrasted with dark, tailored suits made of velvet and cashmere wools.

The collection was said to be inspired by a Georgian-era woman who had to dress up as man in order to be a surgeon, as it was unheard of for a woman to be a doctor in that time.

Not only did Bora Asku showcase elegant and preppy pieces but also shows experimentation with gender and clothing.


Fyodor Golan:

One of Fyodor Golan’s collaborative creations with MTV at the Autumn/Winter 2018 show in London, 16.02.18 (Photo by Ki Price/ Emulsion London/ Getty Images)

A model wears a hot air balloon and parachute inspired Fyodor Golan creation at the Autumn/Winter 2018 show in London, 16.02.18 (Photo by Ki Price/ Emulsion London/ Getty Images)

A model wears a colourful Fyodor Golan design at the Autumn/Winter 2018 show in London, 16.02.18 (Photo by Ki Price/ Emulsion London/ Getty Images)

Fyodor Golan has teamed with MTV to create some serious bold looks.

The designer has not been afraid of contrasting bright reds and yellows with blues and greys, and adding rainbow stripes, his signature design.

The MTV logo was displayed on the pieces, such as on the front and sleeves of sweatshirts to showcase the collaboration.

Models had dramatic white make up on their eyes and forehead, which allowed the clothes to truly be the source of colour.

Overall, Fyodor Golan definitely showed us how to conquer street style.


PETA Protest:

Topless PETA activists protesting against animal clothing at the Autumn/Winter 2018 show in London, 16.02.18 (Photo by Ki Price/ Emulsion London/ Getty Images)

PETA, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, had activists protest topless outside of the LFW studios.

The protestors had ‘wear your own skin’ written on their topless bodies to try and encourage passers-by to stand up against animal clothing products; this includes fur, leather, shearling etc.

The radical vegan protest took the attention of many, especially us, as this is the second protest that has happened during LFW (the first being Dame Vivienne Westwood’s anti-fracking protest).

Dame Vivienne Westwood Begins London Fashion Week With Fracking Protest


Dame Vivienne Westwood stands proudly with models and activists against INEOS for #talkfracking, London. 15.02.18

I was invited to Dame Vivienne Westwood’s anti-fracking catwalk by Ki Price and Emma Fulton, co-creators of Emulsion London, a disruptive visual content agency.

Emulsion London are pros when it comes to photographing Westwood as they work directly with the fashion designer for portraits and activism photographs, which includes the #talkfracking project.

After working with Price recently on celebrity shoots, I got the opportunity to be a part of helping Emulsion London capture Westwood battling INEOS in a pop-up catwalk right outside their head office.



INEOS are a fracking company who has a bad reputation with environmental pollution as well as protestors.

Westwood was beside her son, Joe Corré, who will be taking INEOS to the Court of Appeal for obtaining an injunction that prohibits protests against their fracking activities.

Westwood and Corré clearly ignored their injunction and along with fellow models and activists, peacefully protested in the style of a catwalk, as well as telling the company “frack off”.



All those involved were wearing Westwood’s new INEOS injunction line, including t-shirts and dresses, which were simple, black and white, and had a clever message imprinted on them: ‘FRACKING CLIMATE CHAOS INEOS.’


Model Chloe Jasmine, protesting against INEOS with Dame Vivienne Westwood and Joe Corré, London. 15.02.18


Corré said at the catwalk: “People respect the law because people expect it’s there to protect them.

“If the law is able to be bought by corporations, if they’re able to game the system to turn the law against us, then people will no longer respect the law.”


Protesters standing outside INEOS’ head office, London. 15.02.18


Dame Vivienne Westwood and son Joe Corré stand alongside models and activists to protest against INEOS, London. 15.02.18


When the catwalk finished, Price got ready for stage two of his work: editing the photos.

We sat opposite Westwood as Price began straight away so he could upload them to Getty Images for press use.


Ki Price editing photos of the anti-fracking catwalk opposite Vivienne Westwood, London. 15.02.18


The finished photographs taken by Price can be now seen in newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph, as shown below.

Once again, Emulsion London has captured Westwood at her best, aligning with protestors once more, and using London Fashion Week to gain publicity for an issue that many are not aware of.

I look forward to seeing what happens next for #talkfracking, which Emulsion London will be covering.

Ki Price’s photograph used in The Daily Telegraph.


Why the Teddy Coat is In Right Now

It’s warm. It’s cute. It’s big. It’s the teddy coat.

This month has seen a rise of teddy coats in high street stores and what’s not to like?

The teddy coat is just so easy to style as you can add it to any outfit to instantly dress it up. It’s perfect day or night; great with a t-shirt and trousers, great with your dress on a night out.

I am in love with this number I got from Topshop (which is no longer available on their website). As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to buy it, despite my efforts to save money. It was love at first sight.

I’ve styled it for an average day look in the photos. I am wearing a grey cami and white t-shirt, as well as a grey jumper, both paired with striped navy trousers and white trainers. See how the coat instantly transforms this casual look.

The camel colour not only brightens up the outfit but it’s very versatile as you can wear it with just about anything.

It’s safe to say that this teddy coat is my new wardrobe essential and I cannot stop wearing it. Have you got yours yet?

You’ve Been E-Styled: Imi

Name: Imi

Budget: £30-60

Total Spend: £ 65.98 (I’m sorry!! But it is your birthday so you shouldn’t feel guilty about going over!)

Occassion: Birthday drinks and clubbing



Top: Topshop £19.00

Trousers: Pretty Little Thing £18.00

Heels: New Look £25.99

Choker: H&M £2.99

I chose this outfit as it explores new trends whilst still bringing those 90s feels and your favourite items to wear.

As soon as I started, I knew this outfit had to contain a strappy square neck top, but I didn’t want it to seem too casual so I went for this metallic number. Whilst still being simplistic, the sparkles on the metallic give it that extra detail and will shine when the lights hit you.

To pair with, I went with flared trousers as I knew you were a fan. What’s great about these is that they’re sexy and figure-showing but also very sophisticated at the same time. I also love how they’re high waisted –  if you wanted to wear them again, you can pair these easily with a crop top. The bodysuit will work well in this look as you won’t have to worry about tucking it in all the time.

For your heels, I kept it simple. The worst feeling is when your shoes start to hurt in the club, so I tried to go for something that will be comfortable as well as stylish. I also find big, block heels work better with trousers as thinner designs can get lost under the hems.

To make this the complete 90s look, you have to add a choker. I picked you a plain, black one as you want the bodysuit to be the centre of attention. However, I do recommend adding some big earrings to jazz it up that little bit more if you want. Hope you like it!

Happy E-Style!


If you want to be E-Styled, click here. All information remains confidential apart from your name, budget and occasion.

Glow Like Never Before With Glitter Drops by Cover FX

Thank me later.

It’s official, Cover FX’s Glitter Drops are the queens of all highlighters. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was going to test these bad boys out and now you can see the results for yourself.

If you haven’t heard already, Cover FX are dropping new highlighters in February, including the Glitter Drops range (which did get realised earlier in January but only online at Cult Beauty). I was lucky enough to try them out beforehand and all I can say are four words: I am blown away.

Firstly, what I love about the Glitter Drops range is that it is an oil-like highlighter, so it is very light and easily able to blend. The clue is also in the name as its very glittery, which emphasises the glow massively. The range comes in three shades, as explained in my previous post too: Aurora (pink), Mirage (gold) and Lunar (multi-coloured). In the photos, I used the shade Aurora with a full face of makeup and you can see how I was instantly, and effortlessly, glowing in the light. Also, as its a pink shade, it complemented my pink eyeshadow and metallic lipstick perfectly, leaving me speechless at how much of an impact a matching highlighter makes!

To apply the highlighter, I squeezed the smallest drop onto the back of my hand and used my finger to dab it onto my cheekbones, nose and a small amount on my forehead (the areas that shine the most); I then blended it all in with my finger. The great thing about this highlighter is that I didn’t even use one-third of that tiny drop, so I know the bottle is going to last me a lifetime too.

Just in case you are wondering, I am someone who prefers not to use brushes, hence why I blend with my finger as I find it works better with my dry skin. This whole look was in fact achieved by dabbing and blending with my finger or a makeup sponge – even the eyeshadow.

Overall, I am so amazed with the results and felt as bright as a disco ball! There is no doubt that Cover FX are definitely winning the highlighter game. For where and when Cover FX are releasing all their new highlighters, click here. For details on which products I used for the whole look, see the end of this post.



Foundation: Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10

Concealer: bareMinerals Bareskin® Complete Coverage Serum Concealer

Eyeshadow base: MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot

Eyeshadow: Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette – Rose Gold Edition  MAC Prissy Princess Eyeshadow Palette

Brows: MAC Eyebrow Pencil 

Mascara: Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme

Lips: MAC Metallic Lipstick 

Highlighter: Cover FX Glitter Drops