Almond Milk Body Yogurt By The Body Shop Review

The Body Shop have unveiled their new Body Yogurt, a light-weight and fast absorbing gel-cream. It comes in six flavours: Almond Milk; British Rose; Mango; Moringa; Coconut and Strawberry.

Last week, my mother and I attended one of The Body Shop’s VIP events, where they showcased the new Body Yogurts as well as giving out goody bags and discounts. I ended up buying the Almond Milk Body Yogurt and below you will find out my first impressions as well as what I think just under a week later.

What first drew me to the Body Yogurts was that it was a gel-cream; As someone with dry skin, I am always looking for new hydrating products to try and this looked like it could be great. The texture looked fluffy and shiny so it seemed promising.

What the Almond Milk Body Yogurt looks like inside

Secondly, they all smelt divine! I am a lover of The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Butter purely due to its smell. It’s so sweet and candy-like, and the Strawberry Body Yogurt had exactly the same scent.

However, in the end I was totally drawn to the Almond Milk Body Yogurt. Not only does it smell so delicious, but when I rubbed it onto my arm at the store, it started to absorb very quickly and left my arm looking so shiny.

As well as the smell, this particular one was formulated for sensitive skin, and as someone who has eczema I have to be careful with what I use so I thought this would be a safe bet. It didn’t seem to irritate my skin in the store so it went straight into my basket. I then persuaded my mother to get the coconut version, which she loved the smell of.

All The Body Shop products I bought and got for free at the VIP event in one of their London stores on 25th April

It has now been six days and I have been using the Almond Body Yogurt as my daily moisturiser ever since. I think it has the perfect consistency as well as having such a lovely scent that does not flare up my eczema prone skin. It glides on smoothly and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft. You also don’t have to wait long for it to dry, which is great when I am in a rush (which is most of the time).

It says on the label that it should be applied on damp skin however I use it both after the shower and before I go to bed and I find it works well both ways, however I will note that when I do apply it on dry skin it does get a little sticky but it’s not major.

The Almond Milk Body Yogurt is now a new favourite of mine from The Body Shop. Go try them all out for yourself now!

Glow Like Never Before With Glitter Drops by Cover FX

Thank me later.

It’s official, Cover FX’s Glitter Drops are the queens of all highlighters. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was going to test these bad boys out and now you can see the results for yourself.

If you haven’t heard already, Cover FX are dropping new highlighters in February, including the Glitter Drops range (which did get realised earlier in January but only online at Cult Beauty). I was lucky enough to try them out beforehand and all I can say are four words: I am blown away.

Firstly, what I love about the Glitter Drops range is that it is an oil-like highlighter, so it is very light and easily able to blend. The clue is also in the name as its very glittery, which emphasises the glow massively. The range comes in three shades, as explained in my previous post too: Aurora (pink), Mirage (gold) and Lunar (multi-coloured). In the photos, I used the shade Aurora with a full face of makeup and you can see how I was instantly, and effortlessly, glowing in the light. Also, as its a pink shade, it complemented my pink eyeshadow and metallic lipstick perfectly, leaving me speechless at how much of an impact a matching highlighter makes!

To apply the highlighter, I squeezed the smallest drop onto the back of my hand and used my finger to dab it onto my cheekbones, nose and a small amount on my forehead (the areas that shine the most); I then blended it all in with my finger. The great thing about this highlighter is that I didn’t even use one-third of that tiny drop, so I know the bottle is going to last me a lifetime too.

Just in case you are wondering, I am someone who prefers not to use brushes, hence why I blend with my finger as I find it works better with my dry skin. This whole look was in fact achieved by dabbing and blending with my finger or a makeup sponge – even the eyeshadow.

Overall, I am so amazed with the results and felt as bright as a disco ball! There is no doubt that Cover FX are definitely winning the highlighter game. For where and when Cover FX are releasing all their new highlighters, click here. For details on which products I used for the whole look, see the end of this post.



Foundation: Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10

Concealer: bareMinerals Bareskin® Complete Coverage Serum Concealer

Eyeshadow base: MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot

Eyeshadow: Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette – Rose Gold Edition  MAC Prissy Princess Eyeshadow Palette

Brows: MAC Eyebrow Pencil 

Mascara: Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme

Lips: MAC Metallic Lipstick 

Highlighter: Cover FX Glitter Drops 

Cover FX Launch: Shimmer Veil and Glitter Drops Are Coming to the UK

My experience at the London launch and details of the new products, including when and where they will be released.

I was lucky enough to assist the amazing photographer Ki Price at Cover FX’s new highlighter launch in London, on the 16th January. The launch was filled with well-known beauty Youtubers and bloggers (including Gary Thompson and Danny Defreitas) who were eager to test out Cover FX’s new Shimmer Veil and Glitter Drops. Not only were the guests surrounded by lots of samples, but also provided with drinks, canapés and, most importantly, a demonstration of the products by celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta.

Cover FX Liquid Highlighter Launch, London. 16.01.18

Firstly, working with Ki has been a great experience, which I cannot wait to have again. He is a respectable photographer who has worked with many publications as well as being known for his celebrity portraits, especially of Vivienne Westwood. When meeting him, I discovered he was the most down-to-earth person and have enjoyed every second assisting him during shoots. In this particular event, I was in charge of holding the softbox next to what Ki was shooting, which gave the pictures soft lighting whilst decreasing shadows, vital for great photographs. Being the professional he is, he knew exactly where I should stand for each shot for the lighting to work best; that’s what years of experience does!

Ki wasn’t the only one taking photographs, as the venue for the launch was so elegant everyone couldn’t resist to get their own cameras out. There were glittery flowers everywhere you looked, made to coordinate with the highlighters which were placed either on top or next to the flowers. I don’t think there was a moment where somebody wasn’t trying the highlighters out, which was a good sign. When I tried it out I was very impressed with the glow as well as how hard it was to wipe off with a tissue (you know it’s going to last). I got very excited when I was given a goody bag at the end, including four of the highlighters which I cannot wait to try on a night out.

So what exactly are the new Cover FX highlighters, and when are they available to buy in the UK?

Glitter Drops, Cover FX Launch, London. 16.01.18

Glitter Drops (£35):

This highlighter is more oil-like yet the shine is impeccable when the light hits it. It comes in three shades: Lunar (multi-coloured pastel glitter), Mirage (golden champagne glitter) and Aurora (multi-tonal pink glitter). It’s also the more versatile highlighter out of the two as not only can it be used on your face, but also on your body, such as your legs or shoulders to give your skin a nice glow. This highlighter is on sale now, but only at Cult Beauty (click here to buy), but will be also stocked in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser, Beauty Bay and Arnotts from 2nd February 2018.

Shimmer Veil and Glitter Drops, Cover FX Launch, London. 16.01.18

Shimmer Veil (£22):

This highlighter is creamier and made more for the face. What makes the Shimmer Veil collection stand out is that you can use it on the eyelids and the lips, and it is said to be ‘crease-proof’. It comes in six shades: Halo (holographic, multi-dimensional shimmer), Celestial (glistening pearl shimmer), Amethyst (iridescent lavender shimmer), Moonstone (shimmering topaz), Magic (shimmering blush champagne) and Soleil (shimmering peachy pink). These won’t be available to buy until 2nd February 2018 at Harvey Nichols, and then at Selfridges, House of Fraser, Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty later that month.

So far my favourite shade is Aurora (Glitter Drops), which is also the favourite of Rebecca Thompson, Beauty and Social Media Assistant at Monty PR, who represent Cover FX and was at the launch.  I will be testing my new highlighters very soon to show you what looks can be achieved – follow my Instagram here to be the first to see!


To keep up to date with the latest products, follow Cover FX on Instagram here.





3 Products You Need This January

Cold weather leaving your skin dry? It’s time to up your game this month. If you already have dry skin (like me) then putting on makeup becomes even tougher this season. However, underneath are my 3 top skin-saving products that you should try if your skin has become difficult this month.


The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream £14: As someone with dry skin, moisturising my skin has been a must throughout my life. Just by simply getting my face wet, it can be left tight and dry (ironic, right?). In the past, I used Olay creams but I found they lacked moisture, leading me to go and try something new – which can be daunting if your skin is sentive like mine also. I went straight to The Body Shop. I trusted this brand as I have used many of their makeup products (probably almost all of them) and I have only ever gotten a reaction to one (I think it was down to the pigments in the product). I had previously used the Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Sleeping Mask which I was very impressed with, leading me to go buy the Vitamin E Moisture Cream. Now I can’t stop buying it. I use it at least 3 times a day. My face doesn’t feel tight and my mum even noticed the difference straight away. It has helped me apply makeup so much easier now as it just glides on. It is one of the best buys I have ever made.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Hydrating £29:
Finding primers that cater to dry skin can be difficult as many leave your face tight and flaky, especially when the cold has made your skin worse. But finally the search is over – Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer – Hydrating is very moisturising and has become an essential in my daily routine. I apply it straight after using my Vitamin E Moisture Cream, and then a minute later I dab my foundation on with a cosmetic makeup sponge. I also use the primer before applying concealer under my eye, as this area is very dry for me and the primer adds a kick of hydration.



Nars Sheer Glow Foundation £31 (£34 with pump): This product has converted me to putting foundation into my daily routine. I never used to, instead I would stick to bb creams or even nothing, yet Nars Sheer Glow Foundation does what it says- it leaves my skin glowing. As well as giving my face a dewy look, the foundation is recommended for dry skin and you can apply more layers to build the coverage. The only faults I do have with this product is that the person who colour matched me used a shade slightly lighter than my skin tone, and on some days, when my skin is severely dry, it does become flaky at the end of the day. However, this is purely due to my skin, and nevertheless the foundation remains a staple in my beauty bag.

Let me know if you try any of these products and what your thoughts on them are.