You’ve Been E-Styled: Imi

Name: Imi

Budget: £30-60

Total Spend: £ 65.98 (I’m sorry!! But it is your birthday so you shouldn’t feel guilty about going over!)

Occassion: Birthday drinks and clubbing



Top: Topshop £19.00

Trousers: Pretty Little Thing £18.00

Heels: New Look £25.99

Choker: H&M £2.99

I chose this outfit as it explores new trends whilst still bringing those 90s feels and your favourite items to wear.

As soon as I started, I knew this outfit had to contain a strappy square neck top, but I didn’t want it to seem too casual so I went for this metallic number. Whilst still being simplistic, the sparkles on the metallic give it that extra detail and will shine when the lights hit you.

To pair with, I went with flared trousers as I knew you were a fan. What’s great about these is that they’re sexy and figure-showing but also very sophisticated at the same time. I also love how they’re high waisted –  if you wanted to wear them again, you can pair these easily with a crop top. The bodysuit will work well in this look as you won’t have to worry about tucking it in all the time.

For your heels, I kept it simple. The worst feeling is when your shoes start to hurt in the club, so I tried to go for something that will be comfortable as well as stylish. I also find big, block heels work better with trousers as thinner designs can get lost under the hems.

To make this the complete 90s look, you have to add a choker. I picked you a plain, black one as you want the bodysuit to be the centre of attention. However, I do recommend adding some big earrings to jazz it up that little bit more if you want. Hope you like it!

Happy E-Style!


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You’ve Been E-Styled: G

Name: G

Budget: £60

Total Spend: £60

Occassion: Birthday



Top: Pretty Little Thing £10.00

Leggings: River Island £25.00

Jacket: Boohoo £25.00

This outfit is your typical 90s mixed with a bit of grunge; it’s what I like to call ‘the reversed jeans and flannel look’.

Rather than a check shirt, you’ve got the grunge aspect from the trousers, which allows the denim jacket to become the centrepiece in this look, ultimately keeping you balanced between styles.

The bardot top and leggings are very flattering and will do justice for your figure (just think Sandy in Grease). The tight clothes also work favours in dressing up the oversized denim jacket.

When adding shoes, it is important you know which direction you want to take the outfit. Adding some black ankle boots will make the outfit grungier, however adding trainers will make the look more laid back and casual. Want to bring the outfit into the night? Add something with heels – it’s more versatile than you think.

To top this look, put your hair up in a ponytail, and also add a plain black choker and some hoops – they will look so good with with open shoulders, and will keep it very 90s.

Overall, this is an outfit that will transform your style.

Happy E-Style!


If you want to be E-Styled, click here. All information remains confidential apart from your name, budget and occasion.



You’ve Been E-Styled: Sophie

Name: Sophie

Budget: £100

Total Spend: £82.99

Occassion: Work



Top: River Island £30


Trousers: New Look £22.99

Shoes: Pretty Little Thing £30


This outfit consists of only black and white; firstly, this is because each piece can be easily incorporated into other outfits and secondly, this outfit can be worn again but transformed into something new by just adding a jacket or accessories.

Despite the outfit maintaining a simple shirt and trouser look, the details are what make it different. The white shirt has frill detailing, creating a smart and feminine look. I personally like how the frills are on the sleeves, almost as if the shirt is trying to mix Western with Victorian.

With the trousers, there’s so much going on: the cropped length, the wide legs and the white stitching near the borders. However, although sounding like a strange mix, they all really work well together. When the white shirt is tucked in, it will accompany the white stitching nicely, as well as leaving the D ring belt on main display. Now, although you could wear the shirt untucked, I prefer it tucked in as it looks neater and the shape it creates from the waist downwards is very appealing.

To finish the look, I chose a wide heel so it will be easier to walk in as well as eye-catching. I always find that with wide trousers they look best with heels; you will have a better posture so the trousers will flow more nicely. Also, if you’re conscious about wearing cropped trousers, a high top heel works well in minimizing the gap in between.

Happy E-Style!


If you want to be E-Styled, click here. All information remains confidential apart from your name, budget and occasion.

You’ve Been E-Styled: S

Name: S

Budget: £40

Total Spend: £37.99

Occasion: Everyday



Top: Pretty Little Thing £12.00

Jeans: Bershka £25.99

Say hello to your new best friend: Mom jeans. An autumn favourite and a very versatile addition to your wardrobe.

I’ve chosen this outfit for you as high waist bottoms, especially mom jeans, go very well with crop tops; they provide comfort whilst showing off your figure (yes, even if they are loosely fitted). Mom jeans hug on your waist, meaning they emphasise an hourglass figure better than skinny jeans would, and as this crop top is tightly fitted, your waist will appear even smaller.

The high neck top will keep you warm too whilst adding a little oomph for something basic, and as it is black and plain it can be easily incorporated into many outfits in the future.

The versatility doesn’t stop there, as this outfit was made to be worn 24/7. Either dress the outfit down with white trainers, or dress it up with court heels. Uni in the day and drinks in the evening? Sorted.

Furthermore, adding to the outfit is easy too; if it’s cold, throw on a jacket such as a longline boyfriend coat or a plain bomber. To add a statement, add a wide, black belt with a showpiece buckle.

This style will take you out of your comfort of skinny jeans, but when you feel how comfy these jeans are, and see how 90s you look, you will fall in love.

Happy E-Style!


If you want to be E-Styled, click here. All information remains confidential apart from your name, budget and occasion.