How To Style Thin Necklaces

Two words: Layer Up.

Layering thin necklaces with others simply makes them stand out more than they ever could by themselves.

An example can be seen below where I pair my initial necklace with another thin, but slightly longer, pendent necklace; I also add a long, rope necklace and gold choker to top the look. You can see how each one compliments each other and how a thin necklace has become part of a statement piece.


Make sure all your necklaces have a significant difference in length to avoid them from looking messy (try to keep it as neat as possible). Also, make sure all your necklaces are the same colour – never clash gold with silver.

Just remember that once you give it a go, you’ll never be able to wear a thin necklace by itself again.


*All necklaces were from Accessorize, including the initial necklace and long, rope necklace from the Z For Accessorize range.*

High Street Styles Just Off the High Street


Carnaby Street, London, Image Duncan C on Flickr, Creative Commons licence

Home to more than 300 shops, Oxford Street is a fashion hub for many. With the street holding five million square feet of retail space, I was determined to find some unique and eye-opening styles, as with hundreds of shops must be hundreds of outfits.

I travelled down to Carnaby Street, just off of Oxford Street in London, to uncover four of the most stylish passers-by.

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How to Hack the Hardest Trends This Season

Three words: Dresses over trousers. This is a new and popular trend, and it is not as ridiculous as you think. For what may seem like a huge mistake, this look is actually an eye-opener, if you style it right. Fashion statements have become bigger and better than ever this season and styling them correctly is not as hard as you think. Prepare to be guided on how to rock four of the latest out-there crazes (yes, including dresses over trousers). S/S17 is finally here and below are the secrets to hacking the hardest trends.

Dresses Over Trousers

We are now rolling into the hotter season, and are actually lucky enough to witness the presence of the sun. However, despite this, the UK has a lousy reputation for being, well, hot. This is why dresses over trousers provide great practicality. If you want to wear your favourite summer dress but it’s too chilly outside, a great alternative to tights is to pair your dress with either skinny trousers or jeans.

One person who pulled off this look was Emma Stone at the BAFTAs in February 2017. She modelled a bejewelled Chanel dress over matching Chanel slim fit trousers. The dress was low cut, but not revealing, and the outfit was finished off with some pointe heels. The look overall screamed sophistication and class.



Now it’s your turn to look red-carpet ready! I spoke to Gemma Cartwright, Senior Editor of POPSUGAR UK, and Chelsea Peng, Assistant Editor of Marie Claire, who told me the secrets to getting this look right.

Firstly, their thoughts on Emma Stone:

Gemma says: “If it had just been the dress, it would have been pretty but forgettable. Adding the trousers made this an important red carpet moment.”

Chelsea had a similar opinion, as she says she “really loved it because it wasn’t another mermaid dress”.

The trick to slaying this look is proportions and visibility. Chelsea’s suggestion is to “know your body, so if you’re petite, be careful with all-over volume”. You need to emphasise the fact that you are deliberately wearing a dress over trousers, however it is important not to contrast the pair too much. Gemma says the right way to style this look (and to stop it from looking too dated) is to try styling it with “less of a difference between hemlines, with trousers poking out below a skirt, or through a split”.feature2

If you want to try this look, but are not yet ready for the whole shebang, try going simple with skinny jeans, paired with a shirt dress or a strapless skater dress, along with some tan ankle boots. Not too attention-grabbing but effortlessly on trend. For those who want to be a bit more daring, Gemma suggests choosing matching fabrics and layering up. She says: “White is particularly striking if you have a good dry-cleaner! I’d advise finishing the look with heels. The more height you can add, the better!”

Underwear as Outerwear

Although sounding pretty controversial considering it is ‘under’ wear, this trend has been around for years. However, what’s new this season is that S/S17 provides alternative ways to add sophistication, meaning you may even want to take this look to the office.

So why is this look hot right now? The popularity of feminism, according to Daisy Bernard, Fashion Illustrator and Assistant Editor of The Tab. Making your underwear visible is empowering as Daisy straight up says: “It’s two fingers up to the people who smirk if a smidge of your bra strap is showing, to people who smirk if your bra is showing through your white t-shirt.”

“When underwear’s that great, we should be able to show it out of the bedroom.”

There are many ways to get this trend right, without getting the wrong attention. If you are brave enough, one way to work underwear as outerwear is to wear a sheer top, with your bra totally visible. As strange as it sounds, it is a thing, and stars like Kendall Jenner and Amber Rose have proven it. If you have a pretty bra, who says you can’t show it off? If you want to be subtler, then a bralette is definitely the answer, as it is much more modest, or you can try a denser shirt, which is only partly see-through.feature3

Rosy Cherrington, style writer at The Huffington Post, says the key to perfecting this look is to “wear what you feel comfortable in”. Sadly, there has been some criticism of this trend, such as ‘being too revealing’ or ‘portraying a sexual and provocative image’. However, what Rosy has to say to this is: “I think the only legitimate problem with the trend is potentially catching pneumonia in the British climate. May I suggest a coat?”

Underwear as outerwear isn’t about showing more flesh, in fact it can be quite the opposite. Another way to style this trend is to either wear a white t-shirt under a slip dress, or under a bralette tucked in into some mom jeans. The look is all about reversing standards and feeling confident in your own skin; you should feel the right to show off your nicest underwear, especially if you paid a lot of money for it. Stars like Madonna and Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City seem to do it, so why can’t you?

Corset Belts

These are very different to waist trainers and the typical corset – do not worry, these will not make you look like a Victorian, or suffocate you! Want to know the secrets to pulling off this trend? Keep on reading as Lauren Goodwin-Grafton, a freelance Fashion Journalist and Stylist, spoke about the good, the bad and the Kardashians.

Emphasising focus onto the waist has definitely been inspired by Kim Kardashian, known for her hourglass figure. Corset belts are a way to achieve a Kardashian look by putting emphasis on your waist, without the pain, as Lauren says that “you can actually breath in them”! The belts are thick and elasticated, and can be tightened as much as you wish. They work best over a t-shirt dress, or just a plain shirt; avoid anything with patterns, as the corset belts should be the eye-catcher of your outfit.

Corset belts ultimately reinforce the idea of loving your curves, as you should want to show them off. Lauren says: “Curves and having a womanly figure are seen as more sexy now than they were over 10 years ago – models like Ashley Graham encourage this on the catwalks too.” This is especially true, as model Ashley Graham has become a beautiful and powerful self-loving role-model, and Kim Kardashian definitely shows that curves are sexy, which is why this trend has risen through the roof. It’s all about body confidence.

I wonder what Kim Kardashian will inspire next? Lauren reckons that “she could influence people into buying a bin bag if she was papped in one”.

Yellow Dresses

Now to the last trend: yellow dresses – don’t let the colour put you off. Seriously.

With the recent releases of The Beauty and The Beast and La La Land, yellow dresses have hit the runways, and the High Streets.

Why has yellow become such a statement this season? Leanne Bayley, the Content Editor of GLAMOUR, has the answer: “2016 was pretty dreadful; Brexit, Trump and numerous celebrity deaths – we needed a cheerful colour to brighten up our wardrobes (and our mood!)”

So yellow is in season, especially thanks to Belle from The Beauty and The Beast. It took 12,000 hours to perfect Belle’s dress, which was made with over 2,000 Swarovski crystals (if that isn’t Disney princess, then I don’t know what is). Her dress has definitely made an impact as Leanne admitted that after seeing it, she wanted to go buy something yellow.

Well she is in luck as she says the S/S17 shows were full of yellow, including bright yellows from Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, and mustard hues from Peter Pilotto, and now the yellow dresses have hit the High Street stores. Here is how to style them:

“Colour clashing is very on trend right now, so mixing yellow and pink would be a winning combo I reckon,” says Leanne. A pastel yellow mini dress, mixed with some bright pink accessories will go far; both bright colours, however having the yellow slightly toned down will complement the pink further. If you want a more casual look, pair your little yellow dress with some canvas pumps and a denim jacket, which will definitely scream beach vibes. If you want to take yellow into the evening, Leanne suggests to use Kate Hudson in How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days as your style icon. Her dress: long, silk and yellow – very elegant and very sexy.



The only thing to beware with this trend is to avoid black at all costs, as according to Leanne, you may end up looking like a bumble bee!


Introducing the new stripes: Gingham

Gingham patterned clothing has hit the shelves. Want to rock the look? Here are 5 different ways you can:

Gingham Crop Frill Jacket (Topshop, £49.00)

gingham 1

Perfect for the office, or just smartening up a casual look. This blazer should be the eye-catcher of your outfit, so it is best to pair it with something plain underneath. The best part has got to be the bell sleeves – they add extra oomph!

Black Gingham Check Peplum Hem Cami Top (New Look, £15.99)

gingham 2

So much in one little top! Perfect for the warmer days over some pale blue jeans. The peplum design creates more emphasis around your waist, and you don’t have to worry about a bloated stomach! Your summer top sorted.

Black gingham crochet hem cropped trousers (River Island, £40.00)

gingham 3

The gingham pattern works well combined with check. These trousers also have extra detailing with the lace at the bottom, making them stand out even more. Plus, the trouser’s being cropped allow your heels a greater spotlight. Office look nailed!

Gingham frilled skirt (Zara, £25.99)

gingham 4

This skirt turns an old picnic blanket into a showpiece. Very bold and very playful. The length and frill at the bottom also adds a 60s vibe and will pair perfectly with a classic cropped tee. Good to go for a casual day out.

Sandy Black Gingham Bardot Dress (Pretty Little Thing, £25.00)

gingham 5

This dress may have a lot going on, but it is grabbing attention for the right reasons. It is short, but doesn’t show too much at the top. Plus, being bardot adds a bit of class, especially with the short bell sleeves. It is also frilled at the bottom, similar to the skirt. And to top it all off, it is tied up at the side; a popular trend on shirts this month. This is definitely a dress that will turn heads whether day or night.


Header photo provided by Jenelle Ball.

Jenelle Ball