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You’ve Been E-Styled:

You’ve Been E-Styled: Imi

Name: Imi Budget: £30-60 Total Spend: £ 65.98 (I’m sorry!! But it is your birthday so you shouldn’t feel guilty about going over!) Occassion: Birthday drinks and clubbing   YOUR OUTFIT: Top: Topshop £19.00 Trousers: Pretty Little Thing £18.00 Heels: New Look £25.99 Choker: H&M £2.99 I chose this outfit…


You’ve Been E-Styled: G

Name: G Budget: £60 Total Spend: £60 Occassion: Birthday   YOUR OUTFIT: Top: Pretty Little Thing £10.00 Leggings: River Island £25.00 Jacket: Boohoo £25.00 This outfit is your typical 90s mixed with a bit of grunge; it’s what I like to call ‘the reversed jeans and flannel look’. Rather than…


You’ve Been E-Styled: Sophie

Name: Sophie Budget: £100 Total Spend: £82.99 Occassion: Work   YOUR OUTFIT: Top: River Island £30   Trousers: New Look £22.99 Shoes: Pretty Little Thing £30   This outfit consists of only black and white; firstly, this is because each piece can be easily incorporated into other outfits and secondly,…


You’ve Been E-Styled: S

Name: S Budget: £40 Total Spend: £37.99 Occasion: Everyday   YOUR OUTFIT: Top: Pretty Little Thing £12.00 Jeans: Bershka £25.99 Say hello to your new best friend: Mom jeans. An autumn favourite and a very versatile addition to your wardrobe. I’ve chosen this outfit for you as high waist bottoms, especially…